Bank and Factor

You are bank or a factor

you wish to

Optimize your collection reminder processes and your credit risk management in the context of your factoring contracts.

Develop invoice financing and e-daily with a 100% digital path for your customers and a dedicated business back office at your bank or factor.

ASTON iTF: A core business 100% dedicated to factoring

White label solution for factors, banks and investment funds – securitization

Modular and based on the latest digital technologies

“Pay as you use

Annual all-inclusive SaaS license in declining % according to your annual turnover

Set up fees and integration on prior study

ASTON iTF Bank Collection

SaaS software platform for debt collection and credit management dedicated to banks and factors

Collection processes


Optimise your internal debtor collection processes.

Automate 80% of your tasks

Multi-seller/buyer dunning

Or offer your customers a new white label service of “dunning on behalf of”.

Secure your financing, particularly in confidentiality, by ensuring the quality of your customers’ dunning processes

Dunning and collection

Setting up

Management of dynamic dunning portfolios

Customisation of email templates and/or dunning letters, automatic clips in letters

Creation of dunning scenarios in complete autonomy

Automation of actions or manual processing

Management of disputes and litigation

Recording of payment schedules

Calculation of interest and penalties for late payment

Intelligent schedule of dunning operators

History of actions with integrated EDM

Customisable statements of account and management of payment methods

Dunning on the net balance of invoices and not only on open items

Automated mailing of letters

On-line reminder via a dedicated access to your platform for your customers

Follow-up by sellers or by multi-seller buyers

Credit Risk Management and Credit Insurance


Optimise and manage your credit insurance policies online

Bale III: Optimise your funds ratio and financing

Seller and Buyer Scoring based on Aston iTF algorithms


Credit Insurance


Connected in full web service to major credit insurers

Policy conditions

Multi credit insurers


Risk management and control

Credit applications, responses, reductions, cancellations

Turnover declarations to the insurer

Automatic reminder and notification of risk declarations

Full control of the delegated policy

Information identical to that of a non-delegated policy

Controlled claims entitlement even in the event of default by the delegatee

Multi-criteria consolidation of buyers and sellers: country, sector, global, etc.

Real-time calculation of the actual outstanding amount guaranteed

Transfer of receivables module


Automate and digitalize the assignment of your customers’ claims

Avoid any IT development for your customers

Automatic creation of assignment files for all factoring methods: full, balance, confidential line by line, etc.


The digital platform for invoice discounting and e daily.

Invoice discounting software

White label for Factors and Banks

> Companies are looking for a more flexible invoice financing solution with an online customer journey.

> Financial institutions want to develop their short-term financing business and better control their credit risk.

The Aston iTS Single Invoice platform meets these objectives by providing factors and banks with a white label invoice financing platform, with a 100% digital customer journey.

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