ASTON ITF Cash Collection Recovery. Software for Collection Agencies

ASTON ITF Cash Collection Recovery


The 100% SaaS – Cloud software solution for collection agencies:

Digitalize your collection processes.

Automate 80% of your collection reminder tasks.

White label your name or the names of your customers.

Share information with your customers on a collaborative platform.

ASTON iTF Cash collection Recovery


The 1st software for collection agencies 100% SaaS – Cloud.

Available online immediately.

No IT integration required. Can be used with or without accounting software.

Connection from a simple excel file, or an automatic link with your accounting software.

Upload your files directly in total autonomy.

A to Z coverage of the business needs of a collection agency based on 10 years of experience.

A collaborative platform for your customers and partners.

Collection of trade receivables


Increase productivity

Automate your dunning and collection process

Analyze your customer risk in real time with our intelligent scoring

Modify your dunning scenarios, mail templates or customer portfolios in one click

Automatically organize and prioritize the work of your dunning and collection team

Ensure the traceability of all your disputes thanks to the collaborative workflow

litigation & Disputes


Litigation Management Module

Disputes Management Module

Categorize and classify all your disputes

Track them through a collaborative workflow

Speed up the resolution of disputes with the action timeline

Each action is dated with an action manager

Find the analysis of your disputes in our dashboards

Improve your processes by understanding the most frequent causes of disputes

Business dashboard


Benefit from a consolidated 360° view of your receivables

Analyze your performance in one click for each level of your organization (group, subsidiary, customer portfolio, etc.)

Visualize in one click: actual outstanding, sales, DSO, aged balance, disputes in real time

Analyze your customer risk with our intelligent predictive scoring

logiciel de recouvrement des créances

Collaborate with your customers


are the progress of your files with your clients

With a collaborative platform open to your clients.

Automatically exchange with your partners such as litigation, bailiffs and lawyers.

Analyze the risk with pre-filled files.

Associate the right automatic dunning strategy according to the level of risk

All your customer information in one place

Your key indicators to immediately visualize the customer situation

Debt collection with 100% SaaS software – Cloud

ASTON iTF Cash Collection Recovery

More than 230,000 companies

dunned on a daily basis.

More than 5 billion euros

of invoices managed.

More than 450,000 automated

dunning actions.

ASTON iTF is an associate member of SAR, the National Union of Debt Collection and Commercial Intelligence Firms.



The ANCR, created in 1981, became SAR in 2021, the Syndicat des Acteurs du Recouvrement, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary!

Today, the ANCR, which has become SAR, is the reference union for debt collection and commercial intelligence in France.

Its mission: to support the development of its members and promote the key role of the Debt Collection and Commercial Intelligence professions in the French economy. These member companies employ 1,500 debt collection and commercial intelligence professionals and recover more than €1.5 billion in civil and commercial debts each year.

ASTON iTF, a software publisher, offers its Cash Collection Recovery software to SAR member collection firms to enable them to optimize their collection on a white label basis or on behalf of their clients.