The SaaS software platform dedicated to credit insurers

Benefits for credit insurer


Optimize your procedures and commitments



Facilitate business financing with credit insurance


Win more prospects and build a customer loyalty

Democratize access with credit insurance 

Especially for SMEs and VSB

Offer a premium service to large groups and experts



With a new full digital distribution channel

Simpler, more fluid, more efficient

From online subscription to policy management 

A modular front-office platform for credit insurers

3 modules to choose from linked to your back-office

Module assurance crédit


A new digital communication channel with your customers

Online pricing and underwriting of policies

Full web management by customers of their policies

Real-time calculation of the guaranteed outstanding amount

Alert on key dates: stop coverage, declaration deadline

Automatic claims files

Real-time dashboards, reporting and notifications

Module relance


Give your customers access to an optimized out-of-court dunning module

Companies reduce their DSO

They reduce their risk of non-payment

They secure their financing

Portfolios, templates, scenarios, online diaries

Litigation management

Module financement


Enable an automatic link between the company and its funder

Automated assignment of receivables

Including your credit limits

Secure financing

Optimise Bâle III

Optimize your middle office with customized developments and settings

“Powered by Aston iTF”


Optimize your existing procedures

Market place credit insurance

Link with banks and factors to secure their financing…

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Example of a customer reference among credit insurers: Atradius with Credit Power

Automated management of your credit insurance

Unique on the market, Credit Power is the only automated web-based solution for covering, managing and financing your trade receivables, which works with a simple internet connection.

Credit Power allows you to protect your business against non-payment, preserve your margins, generate cash and facilitate your access to short-term financing.

Example of a Credit Power client: René Dehry