Finance companies

The SaaS software platform for factoring and invoice financing.
Geared towards factors, banks and securitization funds

The SaaS factoring and invoice financing software platform for factors


Financing back office

A core business focused entirely on factoring

A white-label solution for factors, banks, investment funds and securitization funds

Modular design powered by the latest technologies

Covering all types of factoring and invoice financing


Customer front office

Win over more leads and build customer loyalty

Provide mainstream access to factoring services

Especially for SMEs and microbusinesses

Offer a premium service to large organisations and experts

Push the envelope with an invoice financing solution


Sales website

Grow sales with a new all-digital distribution channel

Use the latest Inbound Marketing and Artificial Intelligence technologies

The gateway to superior simplicity, fluidity, performance and safety

From online subscriptions through to contract management


Credit Risk Management

Create greater value from your credit insurance policies

Basel III: improve your capital adequacy ratio and financing

Seller and buyer scoring based on Aston iTF algorithms



Ramp up your internal payment reminder process

Give your customers a new “reminder on behalf of” service

The SaaS software platform for factoring and invoice financing: the front office

Migrate from your extranet to an all-digital white-label platform
A choice of four modules connected to your back office


Assignment of receivables module

Automate and digitise the assignment of your customers’ receivables

Save your customers the bother of creating bespoke IT programs

Automatically create assignment files for all types of factoring: full, balance sheet, confidential, line by line, etc.

The list of customers for assigning invoices can be accessed from the platform

One-click assignment of invoices

Invoice financing


Extranet module – Dashboard

Give your customers a clear and extensive insight into their factoring contract

Terms and conditions of the factoring contract

History of assignments

Monitoring of the contract terms and conditions

Real-time update of the financeable invoices

Financing request – bank transfer

Support for bank account details

Dashboard for Business intelligence (BI), reporting and real-time alerts and notifications


Credit insurance

A new digital communication channel with your customers who already have coverage from a credit insurer

Your customers manage their policies and limit requests online

Calculate the actual guaranteed accruals in real time

Alerts for key dates: end of coverage, declaration deadline


Reminder module

Give your customers access to an enhanced friendly reminder module

Companies reduce their DSO

Secure your financing, especially confidential arrangements, by ensuring the quality of your customers’ reminder processes

Online portfolios, templates, scenarios and schedules

Dispute management

The SaaS software platform for factoring and invoice financing: the back office

A core business software platform covering the entire factoring and invoice financing chain




All types of contract: full, balance reload, line by line, confidential, per invoice, etc.

Standard and special financing terms and conditions per customer

Excess amounts, indemnification caps and contract term

Fixed commission, percentage-based, global minimum or by invoice

Legal reserves or otherwise, guarantee accounts

Dilutions and concentrations

Inspection, verification of invoices for financing (global or individual)

Calculation of the global or individual financeable invoices (full or partial)



Automated invoice transmission (EDI)

Automated financing

Automatic management of reserves

Multi-criteria consolidation of sellers and buyers: country, sector, global, etc.

Credit insurance


Full-web service connection to the leading credit insurers

Policy terms and conditions

Multiple credit insurers

Secondary accounts

Risk management and control

Credit requests, replies, reductions and cancellations

Revenue declarations to the insurer

Automatic reminder and notification of risk declarations

Total control over the delegated policy

Identical information to a non-delegated policy

Controlled right to indemnification, even in the event of a default by the delegatee

Multi-criteria consolidation of sellers and buyers: country, sector, global, etc.

Calculate the actual guaranteed accruals in real time

Internal scoring of sellers and buyers

Payment reminders and collection


Dynamic reminder portfolio management

Customisable email and/or letter templates, automatic attachments in letters

Creation of customisable reminder scenarios

Automated actions or manual processing

Partial matching management, chase up your invoices for the exact amount

Dispute and litigation management

Recording of payment schedules

Calculation of late payment interest and penalties

Intelligent schedule for reminder operatives

History of actions with an integrated EDM

Customisable account statements and management of payment methods

Reminders based on the net invoice balance and not only open accounting records

Automated mail merge

Online reminders with dedicated platform access for your customers

Reminders by multi-assignor sellers or buyers

Assignor accounts matching

Automatic payment assignment and matching

All inputs and outputs generate accounting entries for each seller

Interfaced with the general accounting system

Performed by links between the iTF entries and the ledger accounts

Payments affected on invoice assignments and bank transfers for the seller

Advantage: factors and sellers have the same entries for their general accounting system

Management of confidential contracts and securitization

Accrual comparisons for the factor: invoice by invoice with the seller’s accruals

Automatic recovery of settlements and paid invoices (matching) from dedicated bank accounts

Automatic assignment up to 90% of settlements

Payment experience history

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The SaaS software platform for factoring and invoice financing

An open platform with a full-web API connection to all your customers, internal users, credit insurers and financial information partners

Scalable and geared towards factors, banks, investment funds and securitization funds of all sizes

Multi-currency – Multi-subsidiary – Multi-country – Multi-language

The SaaS software platform for factoring and invoice financing: PRICING

A white-label platform in your name

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