ASTON iTS: Factoring & Invoice Discounting Software. Invoice Financing

The digital platform for invoice financing and e-dailly.

White label for Factors and Banks


Companies are looking for a more flexible invoice financing solution with an online customer journey.

Financial institutions want to develop their short-term financing business and better control their credit risk.

A solution

The Aston iTS Single Invoice platform meets these objectives

by providing factors and banks a white label platform for invoice

financing, with a 100% digital customer journey.

Benefits for factors and banks

Increase their GNP on short-term financing

Control their credit risks

Win new customers: new services, online prospecting

Avantages pour les entreprises

Quickly finance a customer invoice

Without any commitment of duration or amount

With a simple, ergonomic, 100% digital path

The company can create an account and log in

100% digital customer portal (Front Office):

Register online

Access your customer area,

100% digital KYC

The company transfers its invoice online

100% digital journey

Electronic signature,

Digital safe

Automatic query of the Siren database

The bank accesses its Back Office

Your Back Office covers the financing process from A to Z:

Customer or prospect validation

Real-time analysis of the invoice

Credit risk management

360° view of all assignors and debtors

Consolidation of debtor risk

Scoring of assignors and debtors.

Credit insurance: Platform connected to your credit insurer

Automated online credit limit application and approval

Debtor dunning – multi assignors.

Optimized time to market thanks to a ready-to-use offer – ASTON iTS platform in white label, 100% SaaS, Pay as You use:


KYC – vision Transferors – Debtors – Invoice transfer – Financing – Credit Insurance – Seller’s Current Account – Dunning – KPI (BI, AI, scoring dashboards) – Collection – Lettering – Credit limit and financing schedule – To do list of priority tasks by operator profile

Your white label ASTON iTS platform: a quick response to companies looking for a short-term financing solution by invoice or e-dailly.

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ASTON iTF Bank Collection

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