The Cash Collection, Dunning and Credit Management Solution

The intelligent receivables collection and credit management software

your DSO and WCR

Anticipate and reduce
your customer risks

Automate your reminders and
receivables collection process

Collaborate and track
your disputes with greater efficiency

Simplify management of your credit risk or financing arrangements

Download our Credit Management / Collection specifications template !

Ramp up your DSO and WCR by 20% with our one-click business dashboards

Analyse your performance with a single click for each tier in your organisation (group, subsidiary, customer portfolio, etc.) and identify your performance areas and the necessary action plans

Click once to view your actual accruals and past due invoices, sales, DSO, aged receivables, dispute impacts and top 20 late customers

Work more effectively with your other departments using consistently up-to-date reports

Anticipate and analyse your customer risks to reduce your late payments by 50%

Payment behaviour scoring for each customer with trends over time

Analyse and share the risk within your company and implement the right automatic reminder strategy to reflect the risk level

All your customer information combined in one place: DSO, customer account status, cover limit, internal credit limit, payments, invoices, reminder history, disputes, litigation, etc.

Key indicators for an immediate view of the customer’s status

Automate over 80% of your receivables reminder and collection actions in just a few clicks

Create your customer portfolios, letter & email templates and automatic reminder scenarios with just a few clicks

All collections managers will be given a prioritised to-do list for their accounts and can take the necessary action with just a few clicks

Maintain a history of all your reminders with a timeline featuring all past and future reminder actions

Feel free to personalise your portfolios, correspondence and reminder scenarios with the extremely user-friendly graphical interface

Automatically calculate late payment interest and penalties

Interface with your ERP for automatic daily updates

logiciel de relance automatique

Collaborate and track your disputes

Categorise your disputes for greater traceability and enhanced analysis

A collaborative workflow to raise the efficiency bar on dispute resolution

Logging of all dispute tracking actions for superior customer satisfaction

Simplify management of your credit risk or financing arrangements

Credit insurance: a digital wizard to help you keep track of your cover limits and non-covered debts, request a new cover limit, file a claim and monitor all decisions taken

Factoring: a digital wizard for automatically transferring receivables to your factor and obtaining a real-time view of your financing account